roll on oil perfume

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luxuary roll on perfume oil created in venice beach, CA.... each scent has a different personality; some are great for subtle everyday wear, some are more sensual, some more playful, but all very unique.....


original: scent category - clean and subtle...scent notes - amber | musk

this scent is often described as, "your skin but better"....the scent is unique to the user and is a non-scent, scent...a delicate fresh and clean smell that mixes with your bodies chemistry and uses your body heat to warm the molecules and diffuse them into the air

sphinix: scent category - woody and soft...scent notes - egyptian musk | sandalwood

this subtle, high-quality egyptian musk is great for those who want a pleasing soft natured scent that is calming and delicate....

santal: scent Category - spicy and woody scent notes - cardamom | amber | sandalwood | orchid | cassi

sexy, sensual and down right addictive scent that will linger around you for days....this scent is a walk through the forrest that entices you with a sophisticated woodsy presence..

EX: scent category - deep and green...scent notes - cardamom | sandalwood | rose | violet | jasmine | moss | musk

seductive and sophisticated this scent has deep rose and leather notes....a truly classic and refined scent.

muse: scent category - sweet and floral...scent notes - coconut | peony | magnolia | bergamot | sandalwood | amber

Voyager: scent category - oriental and warm..scent notes - vanilla | sandalwood | amber